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        Worry-free service


        • Pre-sale service

          According to customer needs, provide corresponding technical guidance and complete equipment information; answer various questions raised by customers, assist customers or design laser processing solutions for customers from technical feasibility considerations; provide equipment exhibition halls for customers to visit and test machines.

        • In-sale service

          Conduct on-site inspections of the customer’s machine use site, provide customers with a full set of equipment operation manuals based on the actual situation on the site, and provide free training for the user’s equipment operators; prior to delivery, the user’s equipment operators will be provided with basic theory of operation, safety protection and Equipment maintenance and other knowledge training.

        • After-sales service

          In the user's factory, the user's equipment operators are trained in actual operation, daily equipment maintenance and safe operation to ensure that the user can master the equipment operating procedures and methods as soon as possible, and can independently use the equipment for production.

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